The Pistachio Nut Opener

"I got my first inspiration to invent a pistachio nut opener when, as a thirteen year old, I received so many pistachios for Christmas that I joked with my family about how there must be an easier way to open them. My family encouraged me to "invent something". 

Pistachio Nut

The thought remained in my mind and years later a patent search confirmed that no such tool yet existed

 I took the time to draw up some diagrams of what I envisioned and, as is required by the US Patent Office, to explain in a scientific manner how this simple tool works. After several applications, each one more detailed than the last, the Pistachio Nut Opener™ was granted U.S. Patent Number 4,317,281.

For such an easy to use tool, it sure looks like a complicated gizmo or gadget in this drawing for the patent office.

Nut Opener patent
Pistchio Nut Opener is crafted of solid sterling silver

It was years later when I met my wife who was involved in the art of finemetal casting that the first sterling silver Pistachio Nut Opener™ came to life. These unique pieces are now found in the best hands throughout the land.  Enjoy!"

Anthony - Inventor of  Pistachio Nut Opener
Pistachio Nut Opener

Easy to use and attractively packaged The Pistachio  Nut Opener™ is made of solid sterling silver and accompanied by it's own black velveteen carrying pouch, making it "ThePerfect Gift" for that executive or someone special on your gift list.

Invented and patented by a true Pistachio lover, Anthony, for other Pistachio connoisseurs, The Pistachio Nut Opener™  is not a toy, but a unique product crafted of solid sterling silver.

The Perfect Gift

Unique Executive Gift Idea

Makes a great Gift for the Holidays!

Comes with own it's Carrying Bag

Attractively Packaged

Get one for the Nut Lover in your Family
Solid Sterling Silver
Made in the USA

The Pistachio Nut Opener



$35.00 each

Add $9.00 for U.S. shipping of up to 3 pieces

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Solid Sterling Silver Nut Opener

Response to this innovative tool has been phenomenal

Pistachio Nut Opener has gift bag included

"We know there are Pistachio connoisseurs all over the world because we hear from them every day" says Anthony

Pistachio Opener packaging



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